A Gift in Remembrance From a Friend

Cordelia May was a longtime friend of Fred and Joanne Rogers. Upon his passing, she wished to honor Fred -- in the city that was his home -- and at a location where all could be reminded of his messages and legacy of love. She began to collaborate with Joanne Rogers on the creation of a sculpture that would incur no costs for the City of Pittsburgh and its residents.

Through more than three years of input and recommendations from at least 20 stakeholder groups and countless individuals, Tribute to Children has evolved into a concept that presents a new attraction for the City of Pittsburgh and the region. The intent of Tribute to Children is to create an easily accessible, highly visible, new destination site that will attract families and visitors to Pittsburgh and serve as a source of pride to all residents. It symbolizes Pittsburgh as a compelling place for families and for outdoor recreation. See how the project began to take shape.

Tribute to Children Overview
  • A welcoming focal point on Pittsburgh’s North Shore
  • Accessible art and architectural design of national/international stature that aligns with best practices for public art
  • A unique conservation/reuse model through the renovation of the Manchester Bridge Pier
  • All maintenance costs will be funded by the Colcom Foundation. In accordance with Mrs. May's wishes, the City and its residents will never absorb these costs.
  • Visible from all parts of the city as well as to national audiences during filming of televised events
  • Easily visited via all forms of local transportation
  • Design allows for the space to employ interactive features that will evolve to remain relevant for children and families of future generations
  • Commensurate with the goals for the City’s North Shore Master Plan